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BBQ for Bolivia!

BBQ for Bolivia:  Buy locally-made BBQ sauce (REALLY GOOD BBQ sauce) and help Julie Risse provide dental care to rural Bolivians.

                       For those who don’t yet know, I’m leading a Surgical/ Medical/ Dental project to San Juan, Bolivia in January 2012 with Medical Ministry International (MMI).  I’ve been travelling on mission projects with MMI since 1997 and was in Bolivia with them in 2010.  This, however, is the first time I have been charged with recruiting an entire team to go along.  They asked me to recruit a dental team in addition to surgical and medical personnel.   Julie, a dental hygienist and assistant, has been instrumental in getting this organized and will be even more instrumental on the trip itself.  She didn’t have much notice, however, and the trip is coming soon.  She’s taken a leap of faith in preparing for her first international mission trip, but she needs your help  (and I need Julie!).  The Schmitt Brothers (of “Smoking Addiction BBQ”), local producers of totally awesome BBQ sauce, are graciously allowing us to sell their sauce (at the modestly inflated price of $10 per bottle), to help raise support to put Julie on a plane to Bolivia.  Of course you can get it cheaper elsewhere, but that won’t clean teeth or fill cavities in Bolivia.  We need to book flights soon, or Julie will be forced to ride in the overhead baggage bin.    She’ll have a bunch of sauce at church with her in the coming few weeks, so look for her or me to get yours.    I plan on stocking up.

Want to do more than just buy sauce?  Here are a few ways:

Fast (but not tax-deductible):

  • Buy sauce from Julie
  • Give cash or check to Julie

Tax deductible:

  • Send check payable to Medical Ministry International.  On the memo line, put Julie Risse – BOL1201 on the memo line.  MMI will send you a receipt for tax purposes.  Mail check to:

Medical Ministry International

400 N. Allen Dr. #204

Allen, TX 75013

 Can you give through Faith Church?  Technically yes, but we’d prefer you use one of the above methods. This would make the money available much sooner and would present fewer accounting headaches.

Contact Julie at either  or call her at 901-2423 to GET SOME SAUCE!

So, grab a chicken then come and get some sauce.  Thanks for helping out.


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The last thing you should give to someone without an internal monologue is a blog.  Call it my not-so-internal monoblogue.  Not sure what I’m going to do with this space, but I couldn’t pass up the title.  Everyone tells me that I should blog… just not what I should blog about.  Eventually, I’ll post something worthwhile and take it “public.”

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