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Short Term Projects, Ongoing Care

SendHealth attempts to Send Health to some of the world’s poorest, providing major surgical procedures to those who could never afford them otherwise.  We must do this close to where our patients live, far away from large cities, operating in remote facilities with limited equipment.   In the vast majority of cases, we are able to provide all the services necessary to help them complete their recovery.  Unfortunately, some patients require ongoing care after the completion of our project.  Others require transfer to larger facilities, away from home and family.  Sometimes, this means that our patients and their families incur additional expenses that that they simply cannot afford.  These families truly have no other recourse – no savings, no nest egg, no insurance, and no rich relatives to rely upon.  Unpaid medical bills can hamper their ability to receive further healthcare.

image     SendHealth and its partner organizations are committed to helping these patients, even after our project has ended and we are unable to provide their care ourselves.  By donating to our Patient Expense fund, you can help these patients out in their most desperate time of need.  The assistance we provide is also a visible expression of our ongoing commitment to their well-being and helps maintain the trusting relationship we have with their local communities.  Please consider giving towards this need.  100% of donations go to the patients and their families to pay bills they have already incurred and are 100% tax-deductible.

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